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Apavia Tours New YorkApavia Tours New York
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by hani2917

Shopping in New York CityNew York City never disappoints you; either you are looking for best shopping in New York City or looking for delicious food lounges or trendy, well-designed boutiques! There’s a reason a city has been top priority of tourists worldwide. Definitely, if you are making a vacation first time to the city, it is vital to have guide or at least you must be aware of some of the most visited stations out there.

You can now enjoy shopping and exploring the city, with some of most fabulous places mentioned here, along tips and tricks:
Best Shopping in NYC places

1. Don’t miss out “Story”

Our list of best shopping places includes Story at the top. Narrowing down your search, either you need to purchase an outfit for any special occasion, or if you love the idea of themes or you are looking for unique stores in NYC, this is the place for you! This fabulous boutique is known for unique, yet luxury & affordable collection. Yet it carries accumulation of remarkable products from local brands to surely popular names out there.


  • If you desire to enjoy hassle free shopping, use ground transportation services, instead of using public transport.
  • Facing time shortage? Visit Story and you will find the best.
  • Check out the theme of the store for week, or wait for another week for entire new collection.

2. Five story

Visit their website and you will have an idea, why this place is part of the list! Either you love the fashion world or looking for sophisticated, expensive items, you will definitely stop by this two-and-a-half-story town house, holding all the items, New York City shopping outlets require.


  • Fingers crossed, visit the place, and you are able to make affordable shopping!
  • Thankfully, ground transportation services are available, and you don’t need to worry about car fuel or insurance issues!
  • I would recommend Paiva tours here, as they not only have largest fleet of vehicles available, in fact they have competitive prices.

3. Brandy Melville

Shopping Jersey Gardens NYWhatever, your desire is, you are able to found it in New York shopping malls. A collection of female and well-tailored dresses can be found at this boutique. With such a stylish reputation, you are able to find anything in the boutique, if it is feminine! Surprisingly it is not expensive-crazy, therefore you can definitely, buy something, if you are not out of pocket.


  • Of course, with much to choose from, you may get confuse. Safe your time and effort by visiting this place in NYC.
  • The shop caters to the women and it hold everything, figuring out what to buy for your friend, make a visit to the place, and you will find out something you desire for.
  • Either looking for cocktail dress or crop tops, they are available here at Brandy Melville.

4. Barneys New York

Looking for best places to shop in NYC on a budget? NYC city is crowded with dedicated designer stores and Barneys New York is top one amongst them! This well-designed space is actually helpful, if you are interested in getting something unique and amazing.

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