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by hani2917

One of the most important aspects of a custom limo is the bar. Whether it’s for a wedding, an awards show, or some other celebration, riders will expect a stocked bar for their ride. You can really set your custom limo from apaiva tours apart by making your party limo stunning and unique. There are several ways to take your limo to the next level for your party.

Fully Stocked

Obviously, you’ll want to keep your bar fully stocked, but you should choose the types of drinks you want. For higher level and more expensive events, you’ll want to stock top-shelf liquors including a blender and other mixology tools, so riders can make the drinks they want. You’ll need to stock it with plenty of mixers such as soda and tonic water as well. If the limo is for an event like prom, stock the fridge with juices, soda, water, and energy drinks since the riders will be minors.

The decorations

This includes fixtures such as mirrors, lighting,balloons and glassware. You can also have TV monitors integrated into the design to give it some extra flair. There are a number of ways you can customize your limo, so consult with representative to make the best decision for your custom limo design.

Custom Colors

You might think choosing colors only applies to the exterior, but the interior colors are just as important. For instance, maybe you want beige trim and dark brown seating. You could also have multi-tone seats with an elegant black or white bar.

Special Effects Lighting

Color changing lights, lights that “dance” to music and basic mood lighting are all popular customization options for your limo. Having special effects lighting that allows passengers to always have the perfect light for any situation.


Decorating a limo can be a fun and a wonderful way of displaying a fancy transportation with your personal touch, especially on such a special day. Although the necessary steps in order to decorate a limousine are too simple, you must plan ahead of time.


Pompons can do the trick as well to decorate your limousine. Depending on the weather and season you can choose paper or plastic. They can even be the same colors as your court’s dresses for a more original approach. You can decorate the limousine with colored pompons and the interior by placing colored napkins inside plastic cups for your court to enjoy on the way to the hall.

Paper and napkin flowers

The easiest way is to cut the napkin in three pieces making it look like a flower. Secure it with tape next onto the limo and you’re done.

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