By hani2917

Why New York City Tour?

New York is one of the greatest cities in the world and always a biggest attraction for tourists worldwide. With lot of incredible places in the city, the vacation can be really awesome. Some people came here to enjoy the historical places while some love visiting the modern places. However with endless array of things and limited time available, you must visit best of best!

Here are some of the top and best places in the New York City which you should never miss out during your trip. You can even make a plan before entering the city to avail the time in best places:

1. Visit Metropolitan museum of art

Whether you admire special festivals or you are interested in spending your most of the time in looking for the best pieces of art, Metropolitan Museum of art can make your search to an end! Looking for things to do in New York City today? If you are lucky enough to visit the place, you can see a huge collection and you can even see a fraction of it, this is because museum is really big and amazing as well.

If you are exploring museums in the city and giving it an entire day, I would recommend American museum of natural history as well.

2. Best of best is complete without “statue of liberty”

One of the major attractions which can only be found in New York City is this amazing landmark. If you searching city over the internet, the first symbol or place, you came across by is Statue of Liberty and therefore best New York state attractions! In the high season, you may face a lot of rush and purchasing tickets can be really hard. However you must view the statue nearby, as your trip to the world’s most popular city is incomplete without it.

3. New York City is King for all types of foods!

Eating in NYC can be bit expensive, if you are not aware of the food spots. Let’s discover some of the cheap foods in NYC city places and make your trip even more affordable! I would recommend “Moaz Falafel and Grill”, as even if you are picky and choosy for the food items, you can have choice of making your own meal (personalize your order).

You would love crispy foods by “Pomme Frites” and they are affordable as well. Their truffle is really yummy one; do give it a try, if you visit the place. best foods in New York City list is incomplete without ”Halal Foods” as they have most unique menu in the city and food really affordable, starting up from $7.

4. Discover the transportation and moving choices

Landing on the airport or reaching the city in bigger group and looking for the most comfortable journey without waiting for hours looking for public transport, you must prefer travelling by luxury Limousine!! You can even explore the city by public bus or subway but they can be time consuming and travelling in groups or along family can be hard. I would recommend “Paiva Tours” here for New York City Tour as they have the finest luxury cars and best accommodated shutters. Call them and make your vacation even more wonderful.