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Apavia Tours New YorkApavia Tours New York
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by hani2917

City Tours New YorkWhen you are visiting the most popular and defining city of USA, the pressure to see all the attractions and major places in the city in specific time is severe. Whenever you are entertaining out of town with your family friends, you may need an ultimate guide to explore the other city for maximum excitement! From Brooklyn botanic garden to Empire state building to Metropolitan museum of art, the city is crowded with shopping emporiums and food lounges at every corner. Planning to explore the New York City in 2017 this summer? Discover the real excitement and make a forgettable trip without guide for coolest things to so in New York City!

Top 5 Things you should never forget in New York City

1. Fantastic outdoor places and parks not to miss

Get ahead to green places and most popular choice is Brooklyn Botanic garden. Perfect place to visit, on your first visit to the city and you can have enough photographs there. If you are visiting the city in spring you can spend time with cherry blossoms as well.

Central Park is top choice among New York City green attractions and if this is your 1st or last day on the trip, do visit this amazing park. This magnificent green park is known to be one of the most visited parks in USA over a decade.

2. What to eat in New York City

So while you are not feeling hungry, yet you pass by Motorino pizza or Roberta’s Pizza and you can feel the strong appetite for pizza! These super popular pizzas are amazingly affordable and if you are a pizza lover, your trip never end without tasting there, “Margheritta” or “Bee sting Pizza”.

Do you admire the selection of burgers or sandwiches? Whether you are a local visitor or another tourist at the New York City don’t miss out, Minetta Tavern, Umami Burger and Shake sack. Daring to be super yummy and cheese rich, their burgers and sandwiches can make up your day!

3. A visit to museum is never old!

With some of the top popular arts and cultures museums, things to do in New York City this weekend, is incomplete without exploring Brooklyn museum. The museum is known to have some great art work and paintings, and the exhibition can satisfy any artist or art-lover! Do visit, Metropolitan museum of art for breath-taking wonders of art.

4. What can be more wonderful than walking a bridge?

If you are looking for most ionic places to visit in New York City in 2017, don’t forget about Brooklyn Bridge, Queensboro Bridge and Manhattan Bridge. These are known to be most beautiful and biggest bridges in the world and their construction took years of planning. The Brooklyn Bridge is now even historic bookmark as well.

5. Explore nightlife in New York City in Luxury Limo

Your trip can be even more exciting and wonderful through exploring the city while riding in a luxury car. With many Limo luxury car providers in New York City, you can now afford the ride in one of your favorite Limo. Have not hired one yet? Check out Paiva Tours as they are known to be winner of best Limo Award due to their excellence in services, largest fleet of Limo cars and most competitive rates.

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