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Breweries and Distilleries you must Tour in NY

This time if you are making a visit to New York City, it a best time to visit all the places, you just dream for! One of the most popular and defining city of USA, and is always a magnet for tourists worldwide. The city is not only crowded with outlets from designers, yummy food spots and giant buildings, in fact it is known to have some of the world’s best and popular breweries and distilleries as well.

Here’s a list shared with you, with some of the best breweries and distilleries, you should never miss when visiting New York:

1. Adirondack Pub & Brewery

It is an enchanting and exciting experience to visit this brewery in the New York City. It is known for offering most terrific bear and known to be one of the oldest breweries in New York City with its establishment back to 1999. Undoubtedly it is home of some finest quality beers.

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  • Taking a private tour of breweries and distilleries in NY can be challenging, especially if you are not an experienced driver.
  • The pub timing differs for almost every day and for avoiding any stress or time-wastage, check out the timing.
  • Consider travelling to the pub in Limo for exciting and enchanting experience.
  • See the pub menu online and get ready for a party!

2. CB craft brewers

You have probably heard of the yummy breweries and distilleries, but this one is exploding! They are crafting an inspiring variety of beers and therefore most is taking by other companies. Just minutes away from the center of city, its visit can definitely inspire you!

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  • You no longer need to drive the car yourself, through hiring luxury Limo from Paiva tours.
  • Let them be the one, to provide you with the most comfortable and safe ride, when travelling to breweries or distilleries in New York City. Just sit back and think about a visit!
  • With door to door services, you can just reach the place in fresh manner, look upon the beer making process and enjoy the visit in best manner, not possible otherwise!

3. Ithaca Beer Co.

One of the biggest and popular craft beer producers, they must be on priority! It can be better name as home of the some finest beers, including pale ale and apricot wheat. Visit this authentic distillery in the heart of New York City along their on-site pub and restaurant as well.

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  • If you love fast food, visit their restaurant near the brewery and you would love their burgers and sandwiches.
  • Having a trip plan for the weekend, you may fact lot of traffic, however with goods chauffeurs provided by Paiva Tours along their limo, no need to worry about the traffic or time management. Their drivers know the alternate routes and traffic patterns on the NYC.
  • All beers can be enjoyed by group of friends, when reach the spot in fresh manner, and this all is accommodate by your limo service provider.

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Enjoy Winter in New York with the Paiva Tours

This winter season are you planning on making a vacation to one of the most expensive cities in the USA? Yes, I am talking about the most amazing and awesome city which even become more attractive for the tourists in the winter for the never-ending snowfall.

There are such huge numbers of great activities in winter, which just confirms the reality, that amazing New York City never get to sleep and you always have something to do and explore! There’s a plenty of energizing occasions, and shopping centers to keep you engaged and you are unable to realize where your holidays are gone actually! Bear in mind that New York is completely beautiful in winter, so wrap up and go out to enjoy and appreciate all the snow-secured trees at the best NYC stops

Best Activities to do in winter in New York City and how?

Appreciate fun winter festivities and some of the most amazing places and here are the places to visit and how:

Don’t Miss the New York City Snow Fall

If you are specifically in the city to see the Snowfall, you need to make it sure that you are aware of the weather updates before actually finalizing the tour, this is because there is not always snowfall in the city! Of course, no winter is complete without the snowfall in the New York City, still for the tourists traveling from the long distances to enjoy the snowfall while their vacation in New York City it is not very frequent like the other cities! If you have already booked the best local reliable Limo services like Paiva Tours, you are actually able to question their driver about this as they are aware of the city well and better than you!

Keep Warm during the winter and get the most from your trip

Travelling from the hot region of the globe to this chilly city? You need to remain warm during your winter trip in the New York City otherwise you are unable to enjoy the winter in the city! Having some of the most amazing areas and places to explore, you need to wear the right clothes and you are able to get the most from your winter trip to the New York City!

Book the Limo services to ensure, that you are actually getting a door to door services and you are actually not facing the extreme of the weather! This is even more important if you have traveled from some other country to this city! How about getting activators?

Don’t forget to explore the nightlife

Either you are aware of it or not, you must not miss exploring the nightlife of the New York City. This city is known to have some of the best bars, dance clubs and shopping areas with special discount deals for the night! Remain safe while exploring the nightlife with getting the Limo services for your vacation! Just tell your driver where you want to go and he will take you there at the lowest possible time!

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The great Christmas getaway: Five million expected to fly from JFK

Christmas is just round the corner and it is expected this season, that lot of people expected to fly worldwide. Definitely, it is the most awaited holiday season and celebrated occasion, and getting with your close ones and family can make it really exciting! Trees and decorations and sweet gifts, all are really amazing and increase the worth of day. The great Christmas getaway is just about to start and travel channels are looking forward for making it even special!

The great holiday season….

Throughout the year working day and night for making good living is most common practice worldwide. People throughout the globe, are looking for a time of the year when they can get together with family and friends. This is even true for students and teenagers as well, studying all the time for getting good grades.

With the utmost excitement, great Christmas is not far away. The classes and sessions are just shutting down after the examinations and seasonal tests. Students are just feeling the thrill and getting ready for a big occasion and high time! To tell the truth, adults are also shutting down their office work, trying to accomplish all the tasks before the great Christmas getaway starts!

Experience the holiday spirit with luxury Limo…

It is high time and cities worldwide are flooded with people coming back to their home and getting lot of guests as well. Moreover, it can be really frustrating at times, to experience the traffic troubles and unable to enjoy the holiday season with your family.

This Christmas you can enjoy the holiday season even more with some of the simple tips, and for the priority book your luxury Limousine now! Once you are back to your family, the top priority is to spend enough time with them while exploring the city as well. Either you are looking forward to enjoy the specific Christmas party or travelling in the city with your family, there can never be best choice than booking the Luxury Limo. This is because the companies offer exciting and safe ride in finest Limo’s.

Additionally, their chauffeurs are expert and experienced in making you relax and help you enjoy the travel to the fullest! They can ensure your timely arrival on the Christmas party, with their expert knowledge about the city road maps and alternate routes they are aware of. Surprisingly they are aware of traffic patterns as well and therefore top choice of the individuals actually interested in enjoying their Christmas! Here according to all the facts in mind, Paiva Tours are highly recommended for Van JFK Para Manhattan. They are offering all the services in most competitive rates and their limos are best in the USA major cities!

Enjoy special journey this Christmas…

Not only the passengers, the airport authorities are interested and excited in the same way to make the holiday season even more special for their passengers. With various plans and strategies, they are ready for welcoming a great number of people this Christmas!

Regarding this, it is decided that passengers will be given exclusive treatment while their time at the airport and during flight as well. Chocolates, sweets and candies are already decided for the children along drawing and art activities as well, to make them really excited. Carol singers will make their time even more presentable at the airport! Even more plans are made for passengers travelling on the Christmas evening and day. Some new taste will be introduced in the meal along the most favorites and traditional as well.

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The Top 5 Things to Do in New York City 2017

When you are visiting the most popular and defining city of USA, the pressure to see all the attractions and major places in the city in specific time is severe. Whenever you are entertaining out of town with your family friends, you may need an ultimate guide to explore the other city for maximum excitement! From Brooklyn botanic garden to Empire state building to Metropolitan museum of art, the city is crowded with shopping emporiums and food lounges at every corner. Planning to explore the New York City in 2017 this summer? Discover the real excitement and make a forgettable trip without guide for coolest things to so in New York City!

Top 5 Things you should never forget in New York City

1. Fantastic outdoor places and parks not to miss

Get ahead to green places and most popular choice is Brooklyn Botanic garden. Perfect place to visit, on your first visit to the city and you can have enough photographs there. If you are visiting the city in spring you can spend time with cherry blossoms as well.

Central Park is top choice among New York City green attractions and if this is your 1st or last day on the trip, do visit this amazing park. This magnificent green park is known to be one of the most visited parks in USA over a decade.

2. What to eat in New York City

So while you are not feeling hungry, yet you pass by Motorino pizza or Roberta’s Pizza and you can feel the strong appetite for pizza! These super popular pizzas are amazingly affordable and if you are a pizza lover, your trip never end without tasting there, “Margheritta” or “Bee sting Pizza”.

Do you admire the selection of burgers or sandwiches? Whether you are a local visitor or another tourist at the New York City don’t miss out, Minetta Tavern, Umami Burger and Shake sack. Daring to be super yummy and cheese rich, their burgers and sandwiches can make up your day!

3. A visit to museum is never old!

With some of the top popular arts and cultures museums, things to do in New York City this weekend, is incomplete without exploring Brooklyn museum. The museum is known to have some great art work and paintings, and the exhibition can satisfy any artist or art-lover! Do visit, Metropolitan museum of art for breath-taking wonders of art.

4. What can be more wonderful than walking a bridge?

If you are looking for most ionic places to visit in New York City in 2017, don’t forget about Brooklyn Bridge, Queensboro Bridge and Manhattan Bridge. These are known to be most beautiful and biggest bridges in the world and their construction took years of planning. The Brooklyn Bridge is now even historic bookmark as well.

5. Explore nightlife in New York City in Luxury Limo

Your trip can be even more exciting and wonderful through exploring the city while riding in a luxury car. With many Limo luxury car providers in New York City, you can now afford the ride in one of your favorite Limo. Have not hired one yet? Check out Paiva Tours as they are known to be winner of best Limo Award due to their excellence in services, largest fleet of Limo cars and most competitive rates.

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Should I Hire a Limousine for Christmas Day?

Perhaps you are looking forward to hiring a limo for attending any corporate event or for celebrating your Christmas day in style; you must do it soon to get your favorite Limo! In the event that you need to go in style this Christmas, the best way is to get a limo. This sort of vehicle gets you to any place in the most minimum time while ensuring your safety to the best as well. Your driver will organize a pickup and drop off point so you can make sure that you’ll get to your goal on time. Likewise, you are able to help your closed ones enjoy the luxury in the same way as you as well!

Here are the true reasons for you to book your limo for your Christmas day now:

Taxi can be worry on Christmas day

As the Christmas season coming around, you may find a lot of people and traffic on the roads and to tell the truth, it will get on increasing until the Christmas day! It can be a big worry to actually get a suitable taxi in New York City without waiting at the road and having luggage in your hands and unable to find any free taxi can be difficult! On the Christmas day, if you have plans with your friends, you may get late to them due to unavailability of the taxi!

No need to worry about all this stuff, as you is able to book your Limo, a stylish and safe transportation for you on your Christmas day to make it simply memorable and awesome for you! Looking for affordable and yet best services from a limo, go ahead and check out apaivatours.com.

Christmas shopping can be complete fun!

Heading out to the busy market or the shopping plaza and unable to find parking for your car and keep waiting for the suitable place for hours is common on the Christmas season. Need to get Christmas gifts and unable to have enough time due to the waiting for hours for the parking spot? Feeling relaxed at the shopping it very difficult during the holiday season, however, it is now quite possible with the limo services choice for you!

An expert driver taking care of these needs and you can just travel in the full luxury, reaching the shopping mall and start making your shopping rather than looking for the parking spot! Yes, you can now make and enjoy all this fun with booking a limo now at a Paiva Tours at really awesome and affordable prices!

Get to the right spot

On the Christmas day, you may be wearing those long designers gown or having heels in the feet which might be uncomfortable to walk for long distances! With your limo services, you will be treated like VIP and driver will carry your gown to the party spot! No need to walk In those high heels to the party, in fact, you can feel much relaxed and full of excitement while arriving at the party in the most classy and stylish way possible!

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Tips to Make your Holiday Travel Memorable In New York City

If you are planning a surprise for your friend or hunting for a way to make your holiday travel more memorable in New York City, you can make it happen with some of the simple tips! Ready to make your holiday more memorable! Save some money for making the trip for the additional days? New York City is one of the most amazing cities in the world with the most beautiful places to explore! It have something for everyone, with world’s biggest park & bridges, yummy food spots, big shopping plazas, and nightlife, you have the choice of doing something all the time!

This holiday season makes your holiday more impressive and enjoyable following these tips in New York City:

Be classy at the party

Want to celebrate your bachelor or birthday party in the New York City? Do you have some friend’s wedding to visit? Enjoying the party in New York City with arriving in the different and classy way is actually a beginning of excitement! If you are in the New York City and seems to impress everyone while enjoying the luxury as well, the best way is to pick up best limo services in New York City and the most recommended name in this regards is Paiva Tours!

Arrive in the luxury and beautiful Limousine and make your best impression on everyone! Feel like a royal which you have never felt before!

Remain comfortable while traveling to any spot

New York has some of the best towns around the city as well as best breweries in the world! If you are in the New York City and not actually visiting them, you are missing a chance of the lifetime! While traveling to the large distances you need to remain comfortable to reach the destination in the most refreshing manner possible!

What is the best way to feel comfortable and relaxed during the travel? It is none other than to hire a luxury Limousine to make your holiday simply more amazing and awesome! Once you are in Limo you need to sit back and relax!

Christmas can be more fun

With Christmas season just around the corner, everyone is rushing to the shopping malls there is actually a great rush on the airports and at the malls! If you are in the New York City it is actually a unique experience to see the Christmas decorations and the celebrations however it does require an expert local guide and driver to travel during the busiest hours of the day! Moreover, you are able to get the gifts from the shopping malls in the energetic and exciting way!

Well with the availability of Limo services in the New York City in the competitive and affordable prices, you are actually able to afford them for making your Christmas and holiday simply more amazing and memorable! Either for the airport transfers or shopping, there is no need to suffer and look for the free parking spot, just go ahead and start enjoying! Check out the amazing packages at Paiva Tours.

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Plan your Holidays with Reliable Tours in New York

Wouldn’t you need to travel all the more regularly without emptying down your bank balance? Making a vacation away from the work is actually good for your health and brain as well! Imagine a scenario in which I tell you, that you are now able to make the trip twice in the year in the same budget. Wondering how? I read on to discover how you can do basic things to spare cash next time you take some time off and enjoy your trip even more!

Everybody likes to take some time off, however, the fact of the matter isn’t everybody can manage the cost of it. Now everyone can make a city tour in New York with following some simple tips. If you are in the New York City for the vacation, you need to make it more exciting with choosing reliable tours! Here how they can help:

Going shopping?

What are you planning for this holiday season? Do you often make shopping for the nights? How do you able to carry all the shopping bags while traveling in a busy public transport or waiting for it for hours at the bus stop? Plan your holidays with reliable tours in New York and you can enjoy the holiday in most luxury manner!

  • With reliable tours like Paiva Tours, you feel like VIP and you don’t need to pick up any luggage! Get the new experience of feeling royal with them!
  • Their expert local chauffeurs are aware of the safe city routes in the nights! Just sit back and relax after a long shopping, as they can get your home or to the hotel in the safest way!
  • Don’t know what is the best place for shopping? Just tell your chauffeur about it and he will take you to the right spot!

Discover the city all popular spots!

Are you are in the New York City for the purpose of visiting all the popular spots city is known for? Or you are the city to explore amazing museums or green spots? Depending on your preference and choices, you can find many amazing places in the New York City! To travel to the right place, you may need to take help of the Local guide!

  • No need to hire the local guide and spending any extra money on it! This is possible through picking up the Limousine service provider like Paiva Tours!
  • Their local chauffeurs are fully aware of the area and they can help!

Eating can be more fun either

Looking for a specific food type in the New York City? Enjoy the yummy and happy hours in the yummiest and affordable food spots and coffee shops in the New York area! Feeling hungry at any unusual time?

  • Choose a reliable Limousine to provide this holiday season and enjoy the benefits you have never experienced before!
  • Just tell your chauffeur, what you are looking for and he will help you get to the best place in town to enjoy the best food at the most affordable rates!

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Save your money with Paiva Tours in this Shopping Season

The way to make any vacation more exciting and long is being brilliant with your cash – and that begins even before you hit the street. Hunting for some of the unique and easiest ways to save some money during this shopping season in New York City? It’s vital to know how to spare and plan your trip so you don’t wind up coming up short on cash out and about. Now you can enjoy your trip even more!

In case you’re similar to me, you need to encounter your goal like a nearby and save some money for the end as well! Don’t get trapped by in vocational trap offered by any company! There are a lot of approaches to spare many dollars on vacation and then utilizing it on shopping! Let’s go through some of them:

Travel with Paiva Tours

Airlines usually charge a lot during the holiday season; however, if you are planning a vacation in the holiday season, you are unable to save money on the flight! Once you are in New York City, you need to pick up a medium for travel which is safe, reliable and cost-effective as well!

  • I would highly go with the choice of Paiva tours as they are offering most competitive packages than any other Limousine providers in New York!
  • While saving money you don’t want to compromise on the luxury or quality of travel? Paiva Tours is again a superior choice, as they never compromise on their award-winning services!

Find the cheap hot spots

Enjoying food during your vacation can never be a compromise! Looking for the ways to how to save money in this shopping season? If you are able to find some of the best food deals in the New York area, definitely you are able to save more! Unlike other cities, this city has a lot of choice in the food and you can find your favorite food deal easily, however you need to be aware of the restaurants and food spots deals!

  • If you have already selected the Paiva tours for your trip in New York, you don’t need to travel by public transports and look for the suitable food deal for you!
  • With some of the best local chauffeurs in their team, they are known for offering best city transfers and airport transfers!
  • Just tell your chauffeur about the type of food you love, and he will take you to the right spot in no time!

Avoid traveling through rail, metros or subways

Returning back from the shopping in the night and using any of this medium for your travel, you may come across by an unusual situation! While saving up money, you need to pick up the right choice for making no compromise over your safety!

  • Carrying shopping bags and other luggage in the hand? Paiva tours with their expert local chauffeurs can help!
  • Get bespoke door to door service in the luxury Limousines with Paiva Tours while saving money as well!

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8 Towns Around New York You Must Visit

This summer are you looking forward to explore the most vibrant city of USA that is New York City? Or if you are planning to spend a weekend to some of the most charming destinations near your city, here are some best names to get started:

1. Lambertville

Recognition for this town around New York City is “small heaven”. The top attractions of this town include, Howell Living History Farm, Golden Nugget Antique Party, Haas gallery, A Mano gallery and many others. This is a favorite choice of the tourists and people, who love art and craft. This summer enjoy your weekend in this town!


  • If you are really interested in giving your trip never ending excitement, hire Limo services.
  • You may be aware of good driving skills, yet knowing the routes also matters.
  • Ensure more time spending practice with your friends or family through getting right Limo for your trip!

2. Cold Spring

A visit to Cold Spring can make you really surprised with the attitude of citizens and love for their city. With some of the most fascinating places, it is great town for all!

3. Phoenicia

A town offering a lot of outdoor activities and great spots to visit! You are able to find your favorite collections in the shops located in the town. Don’t miss out this Town when travelling to New York City.

4. Asbury Park

Be sure to check out this small seaside city. You will find plenty of places and activities to kill off your time. Some of the most popular attractions in the city include, Silverball, Pinball Museum, Paramount theatre and Convention hall (major attraction in the city), Asbury Splash Park and some of best bars & clubs to make your evening best in the Town.


  • Don’t forget about visiting spas in the city. Surely, you will love them place!
  • Managing time such that, to visit all the places can be challenging.
  • With Paiva Tours, you can enjoy your trip full without worry about time management or safety!
  • They have extremely experienced and talented chauffeurs!

5. Green Port

Don’t forget about visiting Green Port, one of the most popular towns around New York City. Definitely it can satisfy your taste buds with some of the best restaurant and tastes! Major attractions for this town include, Antique Carousel, Green Port Harbor Brewing Co., Boat tours, Green Port’s Farmers Market Inc., Rail Road museum of Long Island and a many more!

6. Kent

This tiny town is enrich with great attractions and entertainment choices for all. With its interesting history and geography, it is favorite town for tourists globally, consisting of, Farmers Mills, Meads Comers, Hill and Dale Country Club, Kent Hills and even a lot more.

7. Cape May

View this great seaside resort or otherwise you will miss it forever! This great place and town have entertainment for everyone, must see attractions and places in the city include Cape May Lighthouse (best place), Emlen Physic Estate, Willow Creek Winery, Cape May Carriage Company, and a lot more!


  • Tell your Chauffeur your priorities and he will make it all for you!
  • Save down your time and avoid becoming part of traffic jams in the town.
  • Secure your favorite Limo, instantly from Paiva Tours!

8. Maple Wood

If you love hiking, you are now able to enjoy it in New York City. Maple Wood is great choice for you and you are even able to make long walk over the hilly trail with some of the most eye-captivating views, along the way.

By hani2917

Planning a Tour Party in New York

Trying to adjust in car or mini-van is impossible, if you are planning a tour in group. Either you are looking for a perfect way of travel to reach the bachelor or bachelorette party with your friends, or if you looking for a transportation to accommodate you all people easily, New York City has number of choices available for you! This summer plan your trip with your friends to this incredible city and you all can travel in group easily as well!

Plan a City Tour party in New York City today with this guide and explore some of the best ways to travel in the city as well:

1. Do you have a budget for hiring tour bus?

When planning your tour party in the New York City, you priority must be planning about transportation. Whether you need to travel to the food spot nearby or if you need to travel hundred miles for reaching a museum, you need to pay just once for the bus and it’s yours for the day. Spend an entire day travelling with ease and comfort-of course with your friends!

Not to forget

  • Some of the best service providers in this regard are “Paiva Tours” and “American Limousine”.
  • Specifically if you are on tighter time schedules, choose Paiva tours and they offer the best pricing rates as well.
  • Enjoy your travel with their trained chauffeurs.
  • Either you are planning a bachelor planning in tour or having an idea of attending prom in tour party, you can choose them for all your transportation needs.

2. Day time tours party in New York

Do you plan to spend the best day in New York City with your friends, start your trip in the morning time and end up in the late night? You may come across by many happy hours deals especially in the popular food lounges and you can now enjoy fast food or food of your choice with your friends. Don’t miss free concerts in the city as you have enough time for them if you start out with the morning light!

Not to forget

  • You can enjoy the all day party in a tour with looking for the suitable mode of transportation.
  • Renting various cars does not only break you up, in fact it can be bit more expensive as well.
  • With tour buses available in New York City, you can always have more fun!
  • Don’t waste your time looking for the rest, check out Paiva travels for indeed best transportation and Tour Party in New York.

3. Tour Party in New York is incomplete without exploring the city

Experience the fun and excitement in Tour party though making a visit to most cool places in the New York City. The list is really large, however you can plan visiting historical places for the day or to check out ionic bridges in the city. Depending on your preferences, make a plan accordingly, you can consult a local guide for even more fun!

Not to forget

  • If you plan to get tour bus from Paiva Tours, there is no need for the guide.
  • Their professional chauffeurs can travel you to the destination you ask or they can even help you make a best plan for the day.
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